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Reproduction Policies

1.       All clients and all patients MUST have a breeding consultation every time they come in to begin a new breeding cycle to discuss their new breeding plan with the doctor. There is a breeding consultation form that we require on each first visit.

2.       Vaccines are required for all patients who are being boarded in our kennel during their breeding cycle.

3.       All C-sections MUST be scheduled in advance, and we require a pre-c-section exam the week before the female's due date in order to schedule the C-section and go over our on-call information.

4.       Please be aware that no client is allowed in surgery during the C-section.  This is for the safety of the mother dog and puppies as well as for sterility reasons.  After all the puppies have arrived and have had their weights logged and umbilicals tied off by a veterinary technician, we will come to get you from the lobby and place you in an exam room with your puppies. 

5.       We provide on-call sections for clients who have done either the progesterone testing or the breeding itself with our clinic by paying a deposit.

6.       A deposit of $150 is required to schedule a c-section to guarantee an appointment. The deposit is refundable at the time of surgery and will be applied to the final bill. 

7.       Any cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Voicemails may be left on the clinic answering machine or messages can be e-mailed to Failure to reschedule or cancel WILL lead to a loss of deposit.

8.       For the safety of our clients and staff, we have made the decision to refer our overnight emergency c-sections (that we are “on call” for) to hospitals that are open with a full night-time staff depending on what time it is.  The emergency phone will not be answered after 8 pm nor before 5 am.

9.       If your pet needs an emergency C-Section and we at Suburbia North Animal Hospital cannot be reached, please proceed to the Emergency Room of your preference.  Please be sure to find an Emergency Hospital that does not require the patient to be spayed.

10.   Please research how to care for puppies and pregnant dogs.  We can provide as much info as we can, but it is up to you to take responsibility to ensure that your breeding program thrives!

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