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Canine Reproduction

Services for novice and professional breeders.

At Suburbia North Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of canine reproductive services for dog breeders and owners alike. Let our team of skilled veterinarians assist you with your dog’s reproductive needs.

Canine Breeding Services

  • In-house progesterone and brucellosis testing
    • When bringing in your female for progesterone timing to see when she will be ready for breeding we must first do a Breeding Consult.  This consult gives you one on one time with the doctor to explain your breeding plan and to ask any questions you may have.  We perform a Breeding consult every time a female comes in for her new breeding cycle.
    • We offer 2 types of Progesterone tests for breeding.
      • 1. Blood is sent to ANTECH Laboratories and the next morning we receive a numerical progesterone level.
      • 2. Blood is analyzed in house using our IDEXX CATALYST and we receive a numerical progesterone (numbers don't go over 20) within 20 minutes.
    • Prices are in our Reproduction info and prices form under Client Forms.
    • Brucellosis is an important venereal disease in many species. It does not usually come up in pet ownership because most pet dogs are not used for breeding. Once someone has decided to breed their dog, though, it behooves them to know all about this disease, particularly since it can be transmitted to humans and other pets.  If you are planning to breed your dog, test your dog and insist that the owner of your dogs mate produce results of a recent test for your inspection.  Results take 2-3 days.
  • Semen collection, freezing, storage, and shipment
  • Semen Evaluation & Count
    • A semen evaluation can be performed prior to collection or breeding and we also have a machine that will count the semen as well.
      Prices for these services are in our Reproduction Info and Prices form under Client Forms.
  • Epididymal Sperm Harvest
    • We can perform an epididymal sperm harvest in conjunction with ICSB on male dogs who are being neutered or euthanized.  Check ICSB's website for more info. 
  • Insemination
    • Artificial 
    • Transcervical
    • Surgical 
      • A Surgical Implant involves putting the female dog under anesthesia and the fresh, chilled, or frozen semen is placed directly into the uterus.  We always recommend performing progesterone tests on your female before breeding her to make sure that she is ready to breed.
    • Vaginal
  • Infertility evaluations and ovulation timings 
  • OFA testing for hips, elbows, and patellae 

Pregnancy Services

  • Radiographs for pregnancy
    • Xrays can be performed when the female is 55 days into pregnancy.  This assures for an accurate count of fetal heads and spines.
  • Ultrasound for pregnancy 
    • We recommend waiting till after the female is 31 days pregnant.
    • Pregnancy Ultrasound when a client has had a breeding consultation: $75
    • Pregnancy Ultrasound when the client HAS NOT had a breeding consultation: $99
  • Scheduled and emergency C-sections 

We require authorization to freeze, destroy, and change ownership of stored canine sperm. Please fill out the relevant client form and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment:

  • Sperm Freezing Packet
  • Authorization to Destroy Semen
  • Semen Change of Ownership Authorization Form

Read Our Reproduction Policies

Read Our FAQs about Freezing Semen

If you’d like to learn more about the canine reproductive services we offer, call us at (281) 443-2362.

Canine Reproduction Veterinarian

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