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Chilled And Frozen Semen Shipping

Shipping Chilled Semen

  • We do not fill out shipping labels OR ship boxes. The client MUST handle the shipping of semen boxes themselves by taking them to a local shipping store.
  • Additional Fee for International shipping paperwork - $250
  • Fee for failed semen collection due to poor semen quality or dog is unable to be collected- $70

Shipping Frozen Semen

  • Liquid nitrogen shippers are available for rent for shipping frozen semen.  Frozen semen is VERY different than chilled semen and takes many steps to accomplish.
  • We need 48-hour notice before shipping frozen semen.
  • A deposit ($1000) will be credited back to the client once the shipping container is returned in good condition.
  • Additional Fee for International paperwork - $250
  • FedEx Shipping charge – Our prices do not cover the Fed Ex charges which they will charge separately – We require a credit card for shipping form. We have seen prices range from $1,400-2,000 for the tank to travel round trip.

We DO NOT ship semen overseas without 3rd party company assistance.  When shipping internationally there are a tremendous amount of requirements.  It is something we at our clinic cannot do on our own.  So, we outsource to a third-party company that handles all the paperwork and shipping requirements.  The only thing we do is work with them on a schedule of when to do what and then collect and freeze his semen on the appropriate date. *

The companies we have worked with are Sires on Ice and Sirius Canine Fertility.  The first thing you should do is contact them to discuss everything and then they will get with us on what to do next.

Sires on Ice


Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc.

530-273-9123 phone
530-273-9128 fax


E-mail for more information or questions.

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